Description of partners

Who are partners ?

You can invite or become a partner of any organization. Each partner has the ability to set up rights to manage, edit, conduct employee passes or obtain statistics for your organization.

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Why are partners needed ?

Great question, let's take an example. You have a chain of restaurants, you are the owner of this chain, it is not convenient for you to check all branches, going to each of them, so you can get confused. On the page of your organizations, you can enter partners and view their statistics, view employee statistics, and of course view the sales statistics of your affiliates.

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What are the benefits of being partners ?

Affiliate networks have the opportunity to increase profits by increasing the traffic of new customers, while saving on promoting their new or little-recognized affiliates. Let's take an example. You have a network of branded stores in different shopping centers and just separate premises. Having created a network of partners, you can send advertising push notifications to all subscribers, all partners, about new branches and individual offers. Yes, we almost forgot you have the opportunity to create ad buyers that will promote your network, and each user will see your ad and become your subscriber, without additional advertising costs

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Can other organizations be partners of your organization ?

Of course, this is also very convenient. Let's take an example. You have a business center, and you have been thinking for a long time to make an electronic access system for everyone who works in your Business Center. No problem, you don't have to pay for it and install complex pass systems. You can make an affiliate network with all employees and tenants in your Business Center. Each tenant in the settings will give the right to guide employees through you, you will have to give the rights to your security personnel or other employees to conduct passes of your partners' employees. And now all of you get statistics of visits of all employees in your Business Center. Your partners can also see the attendance of their employees, while not spending extra costs on installing additional equipment or staff who is responsible for attendance.

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